Where do I cut the flower spike when it is finished?


You can trigger re-blooming from old spikes by cutting them just above one of the nodes, but this will drain energy from the plant. Paphiopedilum, Miltonia, Cymbidium and Odontoglossum varieties like to be kept evenly moist at all times. Katherine Gohmann is a Professional Gardener in Texas. A Will orchids bloom again May 9, My orchid gets one long leaf that spikes up tall and that's all I get.

How to induce blooming on Phalaenopsis Orchids (new 2018 tutorial in description!)

If you group your plants together in one growing area and mist them frequently, this will create humidity. Move it to a brighter spot, like a south-facing window. Many orchids are planted in a plastic cup within the pot. If the leaves are reddish-green, the orchid is getting too much light.

When the flowers fall off, a few more flowers might bloom from the same spike, but not always. Spikes and flower buds will appear in late fall and soon after it will bloom. Never dealt with orchids before, I would have surely killed the little guy if not for the info found here. Drop the temperature by 10 degrees at night. WH William Hofmann May 5, Keep your orchid healthy by watering it about once per week and be sure that the plant has good drainage and is dry between waterings. The active growing season for orchids is approximately March through November. A Anonymous Dec 8, Most orchids, including the Phalaenopsis orchid, will experience the growth of new leaves during the summer months.

If your orchid is in will orchids bloom again active growing phase, fertilize it when you see new growth. Not Helpful 10 Helpful Moth orchids Phalaenopsis are temperature sensitive. JW Jane Wilkie Jan 7, NK Nigel Kathro Mar 31, My orchid bloomed will orchids bloom again about a month - basically all of May - and then the blooms started drooping and dying. It helps me to gain more knowledge caring my favorite flowers. Did this summary help you? I'm looking forward to blooms again!

What is wrong if my orchid produces buds, but they dry up and never open? Stale, dry air will prevent an orchid from blooming. More success stories All success stories Hide success stories.

The blooming season usually ends around mid-February. When the flowers fall off, a few more flowers might bloom from the same spike, but not always. Please indicate what motivated your visit to our website today, we really appreciate it. A Anonymous May 9,

Ask the Grower: Orchid Reblooming

What can I do to correct this? Make sure it's on a windowsill that gets plenty of light, but not direct sunlight. If your orchids have not been exposed to cooler temperatures in a while, you might try doing that. Will orchids bloom again proceed to download.


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