101 Theme Party IdeasóBecause It Ainít a Party Without a Theme


Ladies night theme names phenomenon that occurred in the mids when rock and pop music acts from the United Kingdom, as well as other aspects of British culture, became popular in the United States. This classic party is always a crowd pleaser. A Cocktail Per Room:

Bridgit Mendler - Ready or Not

Doughnuts and milk are the way to go. Use your own favorite alcoholic and non-alcoholic punch recipe and rename it as often as you like to suit your current theme! Have you been to a party store recently? Supply star maps, a telescope, and some blankets so your guests can lie on the ground and get comfortable.

Toga parties are a favorite of fraternities for a reason. Have a lobster bake in your own backyard or even living room complete with all of the fixings and a raw bar. Get cupcakes from four to five of your favorite cupcake spots, and have your guests decide who makes the ultimate cupcake. Set up classic carnival booth games and have prizes. If you are feeling extra adventurous decorate with ice sculptures. Think fish and chips and a proper beer. Think zebra-print accents, retro cocktails, and big band or jazz music. There is no such thing as being too old to have a truth or dare party.

Head over to elfster. Tropical drink mixes, bright costume jewelry, colorful flip flops, beach bags, beach towels, water bottles, beach paperbacks, straw hats, visors, suntan lotion, gift cards for ice cream or frozen yogurt. Come As You Were: Themes for Ladies Night at Home! Have you been to a party store recently? Get inspired by the grub served at an English pub. Mustaches are a romantic morning fide fashion trend these days. Have ladies night theme names theme of your next party be grilled cheese, and create a do-it-yourself grilled cheese bar ladies night theme names different breads and cheeses to choose from. Get inspired by all thing spy and James Bond when you are planning your next big party.

A karaoke machine is the party gift that keeps on giving. Create a do-it-yourself cocktail station in each room of your party, with one cocktail per room, and all of the ingredients your guests will need to make that cocktail themselves. Share Facebook Pinterest Twitter Tumblr.

All you need is a movie projector, a wall, and a white sheet. Justin Bieber Theme Party: Just do a large order from your favorite Chinese takeout joint instead of trying to cook yourself! The party will essentially take care of itself.

Ladies Night: Games, Movies, and Karaoke

Throw a pink themed party that would make Barbie and Ken proud. Sub coffee for cocktails, naturally. Give all your guests lab coats for the evening.


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