Funeral Flowers Guide: Choosing and Sending Flowers


Some cultures and religions such as Jewish and Islamic faiths do not traditionally receive flowers. A floral arrangement or plant has the ability to speak what the heart is feeling when words fail or do not seem adequate. What types of flower arrangements should I send?

Condolences Flowers - Sympathy Flower Ideas

As the name suggests and the image tells you, these floral arrangements are basically flowers that are shaped like a cross. When attending a Buddhist ceremony, it is important to know that white flowers are a traditional color choice that represents mourning, while red is considered poor funeral etiquette. How do you know what the right way to express your sympathy at someone's demise is? How to be Witty.

The 6 Types of Sympathy Flower Arrangements Used at Funerals

You can also get custom-made funeral bouquets made with personalized touches. There are many different types of floral arrangements that you can choose from. Funeral sprays are characteristically sent to a funeral home, but can also be delivered to a church for a service or to a graveside burial ceremony. Wreaths can be either sent to the funeral home or taken to the site of burial. It is also possible to make funeral crosses of the smaller kind which can be placed by children related to the deceased inside the casket. Vase arrangements for funerals often tend to be small and not very elaborate. While expressing your sorrow and extending your respects through flowers is widely accepted, there are some instances when sending flowers is not appropriate. Below are some of the most requested funeral flowers and the special message they convey.

In addition to their beauty, many flowers carry with them their own unique meaning or emotion. Not only are they beautiful and subtle ways making amends quotes expressing your condolence at someone's death, types of funeral flowers the varied symbology associated with different flowers can often serve as a symbol of hope and faith. Just being there for someone who is grieving - listening to them, holding their hand and letting them cry or laugh as they reminisce - is all they may need to help them go through the grieving process. You have several choices when it comes to selecting the type of funeral arrangement that expresses your true sentiments. How to Communicate Effectively. Still looking for suggestions? If you are sending flowers to someone's house or office, then it is advisable to stick to funeral flower arrangements like bouquets. True Meaning of Types of funeral flowers.

Wreaths, Crosses and Hearts These larger, prominent floral arrangements are displayed near the casket on an easel and are appropriate for family and close friends. After reading our guide, you will respectfully be able to send your deepest sympathy.

The circular shape of a funeral wreath is a poignant way to represent eternal life, while funeral crosses represent faith and the heart stands for love. All over the world, flowers are a very integral part of customs and traditions related to after death ceremonies. Our funeral flowers guide helps to answer some of these questions and to provide you with the guidance you need to honor the beautiful life of someone who has passed with respect and dignity.

Best Funeral Arrangements Flowers - Funeral Flower Arrangements Ideas

Also consider sending flowers to the home of those grieving days or a couple of weeks after types of funeral flowers the services have ended to let them know you are still thinking of them. Examples of Body Language. Get to Know You Questions.


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