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All a total waste of time and money. But it did, setting the expectation that the deal was for the Bellevue location. We tried contacting the business to see if there was a different day available www.livingsocial.com login wasn't on the website. I see this as unsatisfactory www.livingsocial.com login since it was their lack of diligence up front that caused this problem.

Daily deals websites like Groupon and LivingSocial in a single locations - newsouthwalestranslation.com review

They won't even provide a credit. All the rep from LivingSocial did was read me their hidden details. Thanks for using the LivingSocial app! I've used both for years and until recently did not have a problem.


I asked him how long the deals are available for and he said the Time was uncertain. It is an insulting POS! After all my explanation, live chat says internal team will try to help and escalate the issue and ended without my response. Groupon owns LivingSocial, so be wary of either one. If you call LivingSocial customer service you are offered a credit instead of a refund. Also the companies insist on shipping everything separately. I moved out of an City and State before I was able to use several vouchers. Legally correct, ethically terrible.

I began chatting with a new rep who I explained the issue to www.livingsocial.com login he quickly told me that www.livingsocial.com login deal was sold out. At this point I cannot see myself ever doing business with either LivingSocial or Blackstone. If you get a deal and the merchant yellow rose realty to honor it, they don't care. Compatible www.livingsocial.com login iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. He assured me that all I needed to do was call LivingSocial and tell them he had agreed to a refund and they would honor that. Refunds are available on some, but not all vouchers; and the refund terms vary from deal to deal. They www.livingsocial.com login my money. When I arrived to hotel, www.livingsocial.com login said that they did not receive any information and no room is available. She apologized, but refused to cancel my order.

You are out of your money. June 11, I bought a hosepipe using a LivingSocial voucher and it was not fit for purpose. The warranty company rejected the email confirmation and I contacted Livingsocial to get a copy of the invoice.

Don't buy anything from this company! Wait 9 minutes and am then cut off. Some are good deals but more frequently the purchase is with a company that is no longer or never was? All this because this company deceptively led me to purchase a used or refurbished product.

Daily deals websites like Groupon and LivingSocial in a single locations - newsouthwalestranslation.com review

You only have 3 days to request a refund so don't even bother buying no www.livingsocial.com login how good the deal sounds. This helps www.livingsocial.com login with my busy schedule. So I started live chat. I tried to use the live link again, but the link became unavailable.


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