It has amazing sinergy with the drawing strategy of the deck and could give you absurd pluses coupled with Flower Cardian Moonflowerviewing the Level 6 Tuner Synchro. Flower Gathering just uses the same flower cardian deck as Brilliant Fusion. As previously mentioned, if you special summon any of these, you cannot Special Summon anything but Flower Cardians for the flower cardian deck of the turn. I know what you're saying - Wow, you dingus, why are you playing 2 Flower Gathering, that's such a busted card.

My Flower Cardian Yugioh Deck Profile for May 2018

With the stacking ability of the deck, I don't find topdecking so much a problem, but regardless it doesn't matter what you would or would not topdeck if you have an unplayable hand to begin with. They still have drawing effects, which are immediately accesible or have conditions to meet. Pulls and Hauls Thread ; Vent Thread. Of course people would need to pay a little more for it though, and the likelihood of it being hit in the next Banlist doesn't help either In my opinion, you don't really need Moon and Phoenix I think someone might have already mentioned it though. All of them can be special summoned if you tribute a Cardian Monster with the same level as themselves.

Hopefully post-RATE will include it with its effect intact. This Guy has 2 effects: This means no effects not special summons from the grave. Lets be Real here on the synchro plays this is irrelevant. Hand Traps are the literal bane of this deck's existence. This makes the deck one of the hardest to experiment too much with, and that is never a plus really. Anyways, thank you so much for reading, again, sorry about the text walls, I really wanted to share as much as possible. Discuss tactics, episodes, decks, or whatever you'd like. I hope you Guys find this informative. Also the extra deck isn't tight at all unlike every other synchro deck ever.

Activate 1 of these effects; Skip the Draw Phase of your next turn. I am playing this: The Tribute Cardians are very important for the deck. Clarify when you're posting OC instead of someone else's work. A really Dangerous card but in combination of "Flower Stacking" its an instant level 6 Synchro. Thank you so much curator team, you are the best: This is a new addition to the flower cardian deck. Boar and Deer are also very good for clearing nasty backrow flower cardian deck monsters on your opponent's field. To be honest, it is quite fitting to be this long, considering the nature of Flower Cardians.

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Want to add to the discussion? Cardians are essays, what is your point? I completely agree, it really is incredibly powerful.

Duelo de Exhibicion: Flower Cardian VS Thunder Dragon [Noviembre 2018]

Galaxy Cyclone will be able to out your flower cardian deck floodgates even if it gets topdecked, I run just 2 because the deck burns through cards fast enough to reach them one way or another. Not much you're gonna be using that for otherwise. The card Is amazing. It's a lot, not alot.


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