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Horsemint can also be planted in pots for moving indoors in cold climate zones. This beautiful flowering plant is a great choice for mosquito repellent. Invite these 7 plants into your garden for not only their colorful and fragrant display, but also their ability to keep those uninvited mosquitoes out. Gardening centers usually sell citronella as small plants in pots, ready to transplant to a larger pot flowers that repel mosquitoes into raised garden beds on the ground.

Plant for the House To Never Again See Mosquitos, Spiders, Ants and Mice. **NATURAL REPELLENT!**

Nasturtiums could be considered the poster child for companion planting, which is growing a variety of plants close to one another for the benefits each brings to the others. Skip to main content. Containers of mint strategically placed in the garden or on the patio will help keep nearby plants insect free.

List of pest-repelling plants

The plant itself will not repel pesky mosquitoes. Pitcher plants, which grow in bogs in the wild, need a sunny area that stays moist, generally a difficult combination for home gardeners. Basil - buy now on Amazon. The ingredient in chrysanthemums that makes them so effective as an insect-repelling companion plant is pyrethrum. Mosquitoes are bloodthirsty insects and can bother both you and your pets. Trap and ingest insects. They also will keep aphids off rose bushes. You can grow citronella in pots and place it around a porch or patio, or you can plant it directly in a yard or garden bed.

From tools to furniture, these garden products are sure to delight. Learn more about citronella grass. It has course blades that fall in an arching form and rarely flowers. Learn more about lavender. Citronella is very easy to grow, and can get to be a very tall 5 or 6 feet high! This list of pest-repelling plants includes plants believed for their ability to repel insectsnematodes flowers that repel mosquitoes, and other pests. Lemon mint Flowers that repel mosquitoes citriodora goes by many names including lemon bee balm and lemon horsemint. Views Read Edit View history. Cuttings of mint in mulch can help broccoli, cabbage and turnips. Plant them in sunny areas near vegetables and herbs such as beans, tomatoes, peppers and basil.

This plant will thrive in full or partial sun and does not require rich soil. Catnip, Nepeta cateria , is very easy to grow.

Plants & Flowers That Repel Mosquitoes

Citronella Grass - buy now on Amazon. Fortunately, nasturtiums do not repel the all-important pollinator the bumblebee. There are so many reasons to grow lavender.

7 Plants That Repel Mosquitoes and Other Insects

This perennial herb is related to mint, and grows readily both as a weed and a commercially cultivated plant in most areas of the US. To prevent mosquitoes from breeding in your yard, get rid of all standing water. In the laboratory, Peterson put groups of 20 mosquitoes in a two-foot glass tube, half of which was treated with nepetalactone, a biologically active characteristic constituent flowers that repel mosquitoes catnip. Once flowers that repel mosquitoes the pitcher, the insect finds itself on a slippery surface with downward-facing hairs.


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