15 Classic Flower Arrangements


Long-stem flowers are great for large, full bouquets. Use a massive gathering of a single type of flower for a big impact. One last special touch for party flowers: Aim for an asymmetrical spray so the how to arrange flowers reach rather than lean get the how-to secrets here.

Arranging Flowers

Having a rough shape in mind before you start arranging helps you make decisions about where to put each flower. How to Arrange Flowers Not sure how to make the flowers look their best? Make an impressive flower arrangement on your own. Cut all stems the same length, snipping each tip on an angle for better water absorption. The aqua-colored McCoy bowl peeking out is a bright surprise.

How to Arrange Spring Flowers

Less is more when it comes to woody stems, like quince, cherry, and dogwood. You don't need an endless variety of flowers to create a gorgeous and interesting arrangement. To get this playful look Close View all gallery. Shop Real Simple Logo. Floral foam, that green spongy stuff, is your secret weapon. Place the brightest flower in the center to create a focal point. Wish you had the know-how to make any bunch of spring flowers look elegant?

Share the gallery Pinterest Facebook. One how to arrange flowers special touch for party flowers: When putting together your next flower arrangment for gifting, home decor, holiday gathering or a dinner party, consider these six lessons from Martha. To successfully mix a large variety of flowers, try the clustering method. A yellowware kitchen bowl of late-summer dahlias would certainly be lovely enough on its own, but adding a contrasting element -- here, wispy asparagus fronds -- make the hot colors and spiky forms even more striking. A classic mixed-flower arrangement doesn't have to be difficult -- use your intuition and our easy instructions to arrange gorgeous bouquets. Dainty how to arrange flowers make much more of an impression when grouped by the dozen. Shop Real Simple Logo. Use a lopper—a strong cutter you can find at your local nursery—to trim stems that are thicker than your finger. Tendrils of clematis winding through the blooms emphasize the cottage-garden feeling.

Ever tried to cut a thick flower stem using a pair of 4-year-old kitchen scissors? Simply fill up a bowl of water and gently place a block of foam on top of the water.

How to Arrange Flowers

Create casual centerpieces with the season's best blooms. The beautiful, easy-to-arrange flowers are gorgeous enough on their own, but they also serve as a great base for adding additional flowers to the arrangements. Fill the vase less than halfway with water. An armful of the flowers overflows a generous glazed-iron urn-shaped vase in an effortlessly elegant way.

How To Do A Funeral Flower Arrangement

The last roses you add, in the center, should be about a half-inch taller than those on the edges. When putting together your how to arrange flowers flower arrangment for gifting, home decor, holiday gathering or a dinner party, consider these six lessons from Martha. Trim off twigs that will fall below the water line.


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