Growing Lilies


Prepare your new pot by filling it with enough compacted soil so that your plant sits comfortably on top of it. Small insects, such as aphids and mealybugs, attack houseplants of virtually every kind. Then, check the plants for signs of disease or rot and place them on a tray to dry out.

Peace lily plant care

How can you tell? You can use your fingers, or pruning shears, to pinch or cut off a spent blossom just below the base of the flower. Care After Flowering and Propagation Lilies are perennial but usually die back after flowering. Your website is my gardening book now, thank you so much. To propagate indoor lilies, you can collect the seeds from the flowers.

Caring for Lilies in the Garden

Adding mulch in the summer helps keep the bulbs cool, and so lowers the need for additional watering. This 3- to 4-foot, glowing coral-pink bloomer scarcely ceases its bloom stint throughout summer. What could be the explanation? The original plant may die, but the second will be a genetic copy of the first. Remove dead and dying leaves and give it the perfect spot to live in. Lilies don't die; they die back. Reading this has made the whole process of understanding plants basic and so much less daunting. Not Helpful 27 Helpful Bury the stake in the potting soil taking care not to damage the plant's roots and use a wire to tie the stalk to the stake.

Fertilizers and nutrient supplements should not be necessary to grow a healthy, thriving peace lily. Dig up the bulb, and break off a scale from the bulb. Peace lilies are native to hot, moist, shady tropical rainforests. I did not know how much light it needed, how much water, how much if any fertilizer, and that the leaves should be sprayed. Now I am aware, from this article, why leaves turn yellowish or brown and why the flowers are green at times, and what to do about it. How to Care for Peace Lilies. Suggs Nov 18, During the flowering season, cut back any dead blooms, and how to take care of a lily plant two-thirds of the stems intact when you cut them. Peace lilies are sometimes susceptible to infection by aphids, mites, or other small arthropods. However, expect that each flower will take between 3 to 10 weeks from planting to flowering.

Loosen the dirt at the bottom of the hole, sprinkle a little bone meal into the bottom, then place the lily bulbs inside and cover with dirt. Will now move my containers. From tiny 2-footers to towering 8-foot-tall giants, Orientals are always a striking choice the shorter ones are great for patio beds or container gardens.

Lily House Plant Care

Jazz Up the Garden With Sizzling I had unknowingly been doing a few things right anyway such as the location of the plant and tending to not water until it had started to droop, but that was down to what I thought was neglect! Make sure you water it before, then use your hands to transfer it to the other pot.

Maintaining of Peace Lilies

Would putting them in a room that gets partial sunlight be enough? The stalks of both the leaves and flowers are slimy and pull away from the plant. Realized it had too much sun and when watered with other house plant watering routine, was too frequent.


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