‘Ohi‘a-Lehua Legend


Occasionally these blossoms are yellow or orange, but the most common color is red. Masses of stamens extend from the flower and give the blossoms their characteristic pom-pom shape. Instead, lehua blossom lei lehua blossom travels into the forest, gives thanks for the beauty of the forest and asks permission to pluck the blooms.

"Lehua Blossom" by Sam Ahia

Reforestation, Nurseries and Genetics Resources. Sometimes they strolled the forest paths by moonlight, sometimes wandering down to the shore to swim or surf and watch the phosphorescence of the tiny sea creatures they awakened. There is a legend associated with Ohia tree and it's blossoms.

In drier areas, M. In the wet forests these include the strawberry guava Psidium littorale , albizia Falcataria moluccana , and "purple plague" Miconia calvescens. Click on the cover to see the rest of the pictures, story on p University of Hawaii Press, Honolulu. Traditionally, lei makers do not pick lehua on the way into the forest, only after they have gone in, performed their harvesting protocols, and are coming back out. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Metrosideros polymorpha. Wikispecies has information related to Metrosideros polymorpha. Heller Rock Metrosideros hillebrandii H. Several cultivars of M. Pele refused so Lehua begged the gods to help her to be reunited with Ohia.

The ground began to tremble. Skip to secondary content. Metrosideros polymorpha was originally classified as a variety of M. Heller Nania pumila A. Heller Rock Metrosideros collina var. Lehua blossom some trees, it is straight and smooth; in others, it is twisted and prominently fluted. As he held her aloft, he felt his body stiffen. In Hawaii there is a common tree in the forest called the Lehua blossom tree, that is important in Hawaiian culture. She was even more beautiful than before, and the fire in her eyes glowed red. His lehua blossom became branches.

There is a legend associated with Ohia tree and it's blossoms. Third, if the blossoms are picked on the way in, they will spend at least twice as much time packed together being crushed and heated in the bag or basket in which they are carried, so they will not last as long, but will wilt more quickly when made into lei. I am content with my mortal love, Lehua.

As the clouds thicken, it becomes easy to get lost in the dense foliage. Preferred soils are acidic to neutral pH 3. The trunk varies in form. It is relatively slow growing.

PLease Be Careful With My Heart Cover by: Lehua Blossom & Jhun Velasco

As he held her aloft, he felt lehua blossom body stiffen. This page was last edited on 22 Novemberat She had a face as round and glowing as the moon with eyes that glimmered like starlight, a back as straight as the pali—the great sea cliffs—and lehua blossom that rippled down it like a waterfall.


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