Friends donít let friends drink essential oils


Christie January 14, at How sad for the lost of your friendship, Taiyo. Or lavender drinking water is ok, but only if you are doing it under the advisement of an herbalist it aromatherapist?

Lavender Water

They are grown for the purpose of making the oil. Amy Kreydin February 10, at 3: Talk with your doctor about the usage and what testing is available, Laura. January 8th, 0 Comments.

French Day Spa Lavender and Mint Water

I would be worried as a seller of these oils about a personal lawsuit from spouting claims such as this. Christie January 14, at For example, we know that drinking Lemon essential oil in a glass of water erodes the mucous membranes and stresses the liver, and that applying it to the skin without appropriate dilution increases the risk of irritation and phototoxicity, and that vaporizing it in the air all day is a respiratory irritant. Juliane March 1, at 6: What if a drop is mix with 50mm vegetables oil for electric vaporizer. Fresh herbal plants like peppermint and lavender, fresh fruits and vegetables like cucumber and peach and lime can be placed into a pitcher of water and let sit for a few minutes, an hour or overnight for flavoring and to support a wellness goal. They are called either isolates or distillates. You might be told to amp up your routine and do 2 drops, or 3. If that person has the training to do so I say more power to them!

I only just started this week. I will admit I am at the moment obsessed with essential oils. John February 15, at 1: Amy Kreydin April 5, at 5: They are lavender drinking water called upon when antibiotic-resistant infections cannot be controlled. Lavender drinking water 21st, 2 Comments. Click here to cancel reply. All that to say, each individual is accountable for their choices, educating themselves and seeking the complete picture.

Thanks for all your work and research. There is so much false information on the internet regarding this subject. Recent findings in the aromatherapy world have left me sad and confused.

Cucumber, Lavender, Mint Infused Water Recipe

Teratogenicity, hepatotoxicity, and carcinogenicity can be going on in the background and you can be completely unaware. Angie P June 11, at 2: Talk with your doctor about the usage and what testing is available, Laura. The hydrosol that remains after distillation would be a possible alternative provided it is stored in the refrigerator from the time of distillation.

Drink A Glass Of Lavender Tea For 7 Days, THIS Will Happen To Your Body!

Michael November 7, at Brad June 11, at Shared your article today on my FB wall and hopefully a few people will take the time to read it.


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