Saucer Magnolia (Magnolia ? soulangeana)


While some Magnolias can be large shrubs or trees saucer magnolia varieties could swallow up the average garden, there are quite a few Magnolia cultivars of smaller stature that would fit small yards. The leaves of this tree are dark green in color and are big and broad in shape. Spring blossoms, Showy fruit, Showy flowers, Attractive bark.


Goblet-shaped, the large white flowers, up to 10 in. Skip to main content. Prune dead wood and crossing branches as needed.

Saucer Magnolia Tree

One of the most popular deciduous Magnolias, Magnolia x soulangeana, or Saucer Magnolia, is a spreading tree or large shrub festooned with an incredible profusion of fragrant flowers in early to mid spring. Grows 15 to 20 feet high and feet wide with an upright form; multi-stemmed tree; cup-shaped, deep rose-purple flowers with white interior. The tree propagates from stem cuttings as well as seeds, but make sure to scarify the seeds before sowing them. It has an upright, dense habit. Average Length of Area ft. You need to take care of the Magnolia tree when you plant it, so that it does not grow haphazardly. College of Agriculture, Health and Natural Resources. Search by Trait List by Name.

Measurement Unit Feet Meters. As potted flower flowers saucer magnolia varieties, they open their saucer magnolia varieties, fleshy tepals, revealing white interiors and creating a bicolor effect which further adds to the beauty of the floral display. Can be subject to early frost damage. Plant Added To Collection. Tree or Plant Type: The blooms appear on naked branches, just as the large, oval, dark green leaves begin to unfurl in mid spring. How to Grow Cotton. Pros and Cons of Organic Farming. Smaller than most Saucer Magnolias, Magnolia x soulangeana 'Lennei' Saucer Magnolia is a vigorous spreading deciduous shrub with fragrant, large, 4 in. Each blossom, in.

Use of the materials for profit is prohibited. Spring blossoms, Showy fruit, Showy flowers, Attractive bark.

Saucer magnolia

Join now and start creating your dream garden! Only plants will be removed from the collection. Besides pink, the flowers may be purple or white in color which start blooming in the middle of spring. A sister seedling of Magnolia 'Galaxy', award-winning Magnolia 'Spectrum' is a small .

How to Grow Magnolia Trees

The center should be kept open to give it a multi-stemmed effect. Saucer magnolia Magnolia x soulangiana. Lasting for several weeks, the blooms appear on naked branches in early saucer magnolia varieties mid spring, before the leaves unfurl.


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