Your Complete Guide to Wedding Flowers


The ancient Greeks also believed that Zephyrus, the god of the west wind, favored the bloom, hence its other name: It's often used in rustic, wild-looking bouquets for a touch of organic whimsy. See more freesia photos seasonal flowers by month real weddings. These sturdy stems are ideal for tall, slender centerpieces.

Which flowers seeds you can grow in this rainy season? in Hindi / Urdu

These flowers have small, bright blooms that grow in clusters and often have freckled petals. Is there anything more cheerful than a vaseful of daisies? Delphiniums can be found year-round, but most colors are at their peak from summer to early fall. This springtime bulb flower can be expensive, so it is best used as an accent or massed in small bunches.

Top 10 Seasonal Flowers

Parrot tulips add interesting shape to any arrangement. See more iris photos from real weddings. The flower had a notable role in Verdi's opera La Traviata , which he adapted from the play The Lady of the Camellias. See more tuberose photos from real weddings. Your Complete Guide to Wedding Flowers. Three main types of roses are likely candidates for your wedding flowers: Follow suite with tradition, or add a few of your favorite stems into the mix. Delphinium Also Known as Larkspur. Brides seeking a spectrum of unforgettable color and a causal garden style will appreciate this perky, daisylike flower.

Its cone-shape resembles a miniature bunch of grapes perched seasonal flowers by month down on a slender green stem. Seasonal flowers by month it into your dessert display for an attention-grabbing presentation. See more calla lily photos from real weddings. See more dahlia photos from real weddings. The head of the sunflower follows the sun as it moves across the sky, a trait that undoubtedly inspired its symbolism: The zinnia symbolizes "thoughts of friends," which makes it an appropriate element in bridesmaid bouquets or reception centerpieces. Is there anything more cheerful than a vaseful of daisies? Fragrant gardenias have many usesócarry a few as a posy, wear one as a corsage, or float a few in a low bowl for a minimalist centerpiece.

It's intoxicating fragrance once captivated an English sea captain traveling through South Africa in , prompting him to bring home one of the native plants as a souvenir. A relative of the ranunculus and the anemone, the peony is available in two main types: See more anemone photos from real weddings.

Since yellow is a prime color, play up other colors in the rainbow like blue, purple and green for a scenic and harmonious variety of florals. Sometimes called muscari, grape hyacinth is available in greenish white but is most often seen in a pretty purplish blue. We love the look of bright, sunny orange and yellow arrangements.

Summer Season Flowers List - Popular Summer Flowers - Flower for Beauty (Urdu/hindi)

The light pink hue is seasonal flowers by month true coral color, making it the perfect addition to a pretty summer wedding bouquet. Most commonly used as a secondary flower, the tuberose lends bouquets a soft color and an intoxicating fragrance. Their accessibility means that roses can be surprisingly affordable. Though most people only know of the white lily of the valley, a very rare rosy pink variety exists too.


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