Abigail's Flower


Some geospatial data on this website is provided by geonames. Has a very strange hate for moles. Craftable Items and Structures view. It stayed on the last stage, before it floats, for hours.

Don't Starve Together Character Guide: Wendy

Abigail follows Wendy and will attack Mobs that either attack Wendy or that Wendy herself attacks. Mobs engaging each other and causing a mob death near the flower e. Sign In Don't have an account? This isn't a problem though, as long as you help her and stick to basic enemies.


This means you can summon her outside of combat by killing a rabbit or other small creature and have her with you when the fight starts. Submit a new post. In addition to deaths of monsters and animals, the death of another player can also trigger the flower to spawn Abigail. Abigail's attack damages all mobs in range at the same time, which makes Wendy exceptionally strong against groups of mobs like Spiders and Bees as Abigail can keep stunning them to keep them from attacking back. You can even kill another player to summon her! I am afraid Abi will always move away from you when you approach her for protection from Charlie. For example, a Koalefant, or Tallbird. Post without flair or with the wrong one might be removed.

Once summoned, Abigail will remain until killed. Yes, and that cooldown period lasts about minutes if that, not 3 hours Adios to Winter Bash Want to add to the discussion? Submit a new post. Rules Respect the reddiquette No key begging, selling or exchange. When Abigail is low on health and close to death, she will have a very sad and worried expression on her dont starve together abigails flower. For example, Wendy needs two attacks to kill a Rabbit with the Boomerang or a Tool. I found out that she's especially effective for farming spiders in desert rock valleys. This is not affected by the dont starve together abigails flower of day.

Note that one hit from the player will kill her and she can often be targeted unexpectedly by the player during battle. How can I use her to shift enemies' attention quickly? All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries.

Abigail's Flower?!

Okay, the flower JUST opened, that's like hours after I picked it up so that's still a problem worth reporting This can be useful for leading a large group of pigs to kill something, trapping pigs, or even just finding some friends. Abigail's damage is normal in the daytime, double at dusk, and 4 times as strong at night.

Don't Starve - Abigail ao Ataque! O Poder de Wendy

Can't get enough survival? She died offscreen since I ran away to try to get her to follow me before she got killed, so maybe dont starve together abigails flower broke it? This means you can summon her outside of combat by killing a rabbit or other small creature and have her with you when the fight starts. If you are trying to collect moles or other animals via hammerAbigail will make it harder.


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