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Other Poisonous Plants When it comes to dogs, geraniums aren't even close geranium poisonous to dogs being the only potential hazard in your garden. How Toxic Are Geraniums to Dogs? The stiff leaves of these geraniums have scalloped leaves and dark markings surround the edges. Resources 2 Blue Mountain Humane Society: Golden Bird's Nest Poisoning.

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Geranium Chemical Research in Toxicology: Redness or irritation around the mouth or muzzle Vomiting Poor appetite anorexia Depression Dermatitis at contact areas Types These are some types of geranium your dog could be exposed to. Be prepared to describe the species of geranium, as well as the size and weight of your dog, and how much you think was ingested. Causes of Geranium Poisoning in Dogs.

How Toxic Are Geraniums to Dogs?

If you caught your dog eating the plant or even just a small part of it, get rapid veterinary attention, even if she's behaving like she's totally fine and everything's just dandy. If your dog has ingested any part of the plant, remove the un-swallowed material from his mouth and give milk or water to drink. It your dog's skin contacts geranium leaves, especially chewed or torn leaves, a skin rash may develop in the affected areas. The flowers are asymmetrical and come in a huge variety of colors. This alone should be enough to keep Fido away from the plant. Much more hardy than Pelargonium species. Activated charcoal is also given to reduce the absorption of toxins in the gastrointestinal tract. Wash affected skin areas with large amounts of warm water containing some dishwashing liquid.

Pelargonium species of geranium should be distinguished from plants belonging to the Geranium genus, another member of the Geraniaceae family. Toxicity Symptoms The signs and symptoms of geranium toxicity are vomiting, lethargy, loss of appetite and skin rash. Accessed 05 January It is toxic to dogs and cats. About the Author Amanda Williams has been geranium poisonous to dogs since on various writing websites and blogging since Recovery of Geranium Poisoning in Dogs. Are Geranium poisonous to dogs Lawns Dangerous to Dogs? Some dogs may only have mild symptoms, but if you notice geranium toxicity symptoms, call your veterinarian or the ASPCA Animal Poison Control Hotline for guidance.

Loss of appetite may lead to anorexia and nutritional deficiencies if it continues. Oil of geranium is an essential oil which concentrates the more toxic elements of the plant, so exposure to this substance can be much more dangerous for animals.

Geranium Poisoning in Dogs

Depending on which text editor you're pasting into, you might have to add the italics to the site name. Your dog's heart rate and blood pressure may become lower. This is rare with ingestion of the geranium plant, but exposure to the essential oil could require more aggressive treatment. Pelargonium genus sub-genera include Magnipetala, Parvulipetala, Paucisignata, and Pelargonium numerous species varieties including zonal and ivy-leaved geraniums.

Skin Repair Salve for Dogs

After all, a lot of very common plants are highly toxic in man's best friend geranium poisonous to dogs yikes. These plants are native to tropical and warm temperate regions, especially Southern Africa, so the leaves will die quickly at the first hard frost. About the Author Amanda Williams has been writing since on various writing websites and blogging since It is toxic to dogs and cats.


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