Begonia, how to care for them


Giving begonia houseplants enough humidity can be the hardest part of begonia plant care indoors. Are you fertilizing it, if so what type of fertilizer are you using stop fertilizing until the plant is healthy again? Maggie Moran is a Professional How to care for a begonia in Pennsylvania. Cane Begonias grow upwards on tall stems that resemble bamboo in appearance.


This will ensure that they continue to grow and remain healthy. Begonias are very unappetizing to deer. Gardening Books Gardening Courses About.

How To Care For Begonias Indoors

MB Mary Bennett Jul 9, Try to avoid planting begonias in areas with strong wind, as they have weak stems that can be damaged by large gusts of wind. Potted begonias can be sensitive to chemical fertilizers, so I highly recommend using an organic plant fertilizer on them rather than synthetic ones. You can lift the bulbs and store them in peat or store them in the pot. An east or west facing window will be the perfect spot for growing most begonias indoors. One other thing that comes to mindů take a close look at the leaves especially the undersides of the leaves and stems of the plant to check for bugs. How about if the begonia leaves develop a white scaly substance. In early spring pot tuberous begonias, or repot stored tubers indoors. GC Gary Carter Jun 17, Not Helpful 23 Helpful

Thanks and happy gardening. DM Dorothy Menear Jun 17, Not Helpful 3 Helpful 6. All begonias words for loss bright but indirect light, so find a partially shaded spot for your plant. Use a water-soluble fertilizer for blooming plants once a week if you do not use a granular fertilizer. Is there a way to prune it to get the look I prefer? Keep the soil consistently moist, and be sure the air around the cutting stays very humid. GC Gary Carter Jun 17, I put the plant on a shelf of my fruit cellar off the floor, let it rest, with no how to care for a begonia and they start to grow about May or early June. I was pleasantly surprised that you could add used coffee grounds to the soil.

But most other types of begonias make great houseplants! You learn something new every day.

It sounds to me like your begonia might have mealybugs. This article was co-authored by Maggie Moran. LJ Lee Jones Sep 9, I water her a measured ratio of distilled water and blooming flower food.

BEGONIA PLANT CARE, How to Grow and Propagate Begonia Cuttings - Garden Tips in English

Can you give me more details about the plant? More success stories All success stories Hide success stories. Use warm water in a misting bottle.


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