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Rose would have been better off as a character that starts out as an mysterious aid to Sorey's group who eventually joins them. There's still important bits missing in regards to the relationship between dezel and rose. However, the damage was done and the intial push that Alisha got caused confusion in the other departments. Showing 1 - 15 of rose tales of zestiria comments.

Tales of Zestiria: Rose Arte Exhibition

All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries. I should've clarified that I'd want sources to where the people listed The head writer, Her designer, etc. Not to mention the scattered bones themselves. Retrieved from " http:

Due to his mastery of Wind-elemental artes, Dezel is able to perform accurate attacks by manipulating the surrounding air. Flopolopogus View Profile View Posts. More topics from this board Pokechao View Profile View Posts. Though I wish Dezel's death had more impact, I was really into the idea that Rose was developing her abilities due to his presence and interference. Although Rose may sometimes act ruthlessly, she is much more likely to give second chances when children are concerned, preferring to admonish them herself before turning them over to the authorities. However, Konan approached the prostrate Rose and told her that he would spare her if she became his kept woman. However, not long after, Lailah hits us with "she doesn't breed malevolence because she's a pure hearted assassin".

There were actually a lot of hints in the early days that Alisha wasn't the heroine besides them removing any instance of calling her thatbut her fans gleefully ignored it. She is just the character that does what ever is against Sorey's Values, so it doesnt sully his clean soul. Also here are two of the interviews and the source. Not only that but her "fans" also made up their own fan fics rose tales of zestiria doujins starring her and had pretty much decided on what her character would be from just her character design. I feel like Rose is just a substitute character made to fill in all the wholes left in Sorey'swiny MC Syndrome. You could say "you're not shown every member of the guild!!! Kinda hilarious that you call her sheltered but Sorey is a-okey considering he's been sheltered rose tales of zestiria a safeheaven for such a long time by multiple people. The Mary Sue criticisms are pretty vapid, to be honest. And there's nothing rose tales of zestiria with disliking Rose but don't go flinging around your opinion as fact. Discussions Rules and Guidelines.

Rose also wears a yellow scarf, and a green cord hangs down from her knives' sheaths. And there's nothing wrong with disliking Rose but don't go flinging around your opinion as fact. Status image in Tales of Zestiria.

His black boots come up to his knees and over his black, white, and green pants. It's clear that all her badass moments like rescuing you, or fighting you were actually Dezels doing, and in when freaky stuff happens like the soldiers of both armies attacking you she would spaz out like in the assassin's bases ruins when confronted with the paranormal. If they take Rose with them but leave Dezel behind, he will lose that pure vessel, and the malevolence will claim him.

Tales of Zestiria English - Part 14: Boss: Dragonewt / Rose and Dezel Join the Party!

Like rose tales of zestiria was the one chosen to be the next Shepherd and Sorey was the squire instead. And seriously comparing age when literally only 3 people of the entire group are human? Other than she wasn't advertised to be playable where she was, not necessarily mine, but it doesn't do Rose any favors. My take on the "Difficulty Spike" Statements.


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