White spots


This should be followed by white spots on orchid leaves the foliage with plain water to rinse away the cleaner residue. Be careful to avoid letting the infested orchid touch your other plant; you don't want the mealybugs to infest it too. The easiest method for keeping mites under control is to regularly spray, or syringe, the plants with water. Ants are repelled by bay leaves. Miller holds a diploma in social services from Clarke College in Belleville, Ontario.

What do spots on Orchid leaves mean?

This is particularly true of dishsoaps and household detergents that could remove natural protective waxes from plant tissues. So whenever cutting on orchid plant always use a sterile tool to prevent the spread of virus. Cable's Reply NEW by: Raising humidity will help prevent future outbreaks leaves and bruises on flowers.

white spots on leaves

Ants seldom cause any direct damage to orchids, rather they indicate the possibility of infestation by scale, mealybugs or aphids. Why won't my orchid re-bloom? Caution is urged, however, as excessive amounts or too strong a detergent, or use of an ammonia-based chemical cleaner may damage your plants, particularly buds and flowers. Snail baits or dust Symptom: So whenever cutting on orchid plant always use a sterile tool to prevent the spread of virus. Join in and write your own page! Home Guides SF Gate. Spraying the alcohol with a misting bottle or small pump sprayer is effective, but dribbling alcohol into tight areas is necessary.

Spider mite presence can also be recognized by the silvery, pitted areas on the undersides of leaves. The other leaves on the plant are becoming wilted and wrinkled. Home Guides Garden Pest Control. Orchid foliage should be a light yellow-green. Home Guides SF Gate. For instance, White spots on orchid leaves orchids grow in U. Other Signs of Infestation To make sure your diagnosis of mealybugs is correct, inspect flowers, buds and foliage for evidence of mealybug feeding. Then treat the affected area with alcohol.

Control snow mold by repotting your orchid in fresh potting media and water only when the soil begins to dry. If you don't want to target mealybugs directly with a cotton ball dipped in the rubbing alcohol, you can use a toothbrush to scrub them off.

White Stuff on Orchids

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Signs of pests on Orchids

If you notice fuzzy white patches on orchid foliage, you probably have a mealybug infestation. Cinnamon, yes the common spice, is effective against fungal diseases and this can be used to coat the cut surface as well. Isolate unhealthy plant, cut out all diseased areas of plant using sterilized clippers. Keep in mind that each orchid genus has its own white spots on orchid leaves requirements and specifics.


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