How to make your own green terrarium to keep or give away for the holidays


Apothecary jars are decorative. Subscribe to get free weekly updates on the latest news on innovation and diy glass terrarium. Watch a thousand tutorials on how to cut glass, and cut out your shapes. If you have a green thumb but minimal garden space, why not create your own mini-world full of lush and beautiful plants by making your own terrarium? Add more soil around the top and compact the soil down around the diy glass terrarium of the plant.


Visit DIY Show Off to see how to create this really smart coffee table centerpiece using chicken and a few other supplies. Create this interesting terrarium placeholder for your dining. Your terrariums are beautiful! Create a succulent terrarium that mimics the bottom of the ocean.

53 DIY Terrarium Ideas That Will Blow Your Mind Away!

I had never worked with glass before but figured, hey, how hard could it be? Within 4 days there was a white hairy mold covering the whole inside of the jar. Likewise, you may need to add more if it looks parched. We need to confirm your email address. A healthy dose of indirect light and an occasional spritz of water is required to keep this terrarium alright. Your terrariums are beautiful! Visit Scrap and Salvage to learn more! These glass terrariums are probably my most ambitious DIY project to date. Claire Callaghan March 20, at 3: These pint-sized packs of greenery can bring a touch of nature to your home, or you can gift them.

A tiny ecosystem with a world of its own, this freshwater terrarium adds grace and originality diy glass terrarium your home. Let your terrariums dry fully! Do you live outside the United States? Source your containers from a thrift store or an antique store, or just scrounge around your house for an old jar. Sign me up for weekly Inhabitat updates. Sign up for weekly newsletter. Last week I brought home a 4" pot of Basil that kept drying out. Visit the Inhabitat to see the project! Diy glass terrarium remove the tape from the inside of the terrariums. To complete the subscription process, please click the link in the email we just sent you.

The leaves are likely to touch the sides but aim to keep them away as much as possible. Grow herbs in a terrarium For this:

I would even practice cutting glass pieces before cutting out your shapes. A unique medley of color and greenery, create a sand art terrarium following the tutorial available at HGTV! Sand the edges of your beautifully cut-out shapes. I understand that I can unsubscribe at any time.

DIY: How to make a glass terrarium / vivarium / enclosure

I had never worked with glass diy glass terrarium but figured, hey, how hard could it be? They are virtually impossible to kill and thrive on neglect. Login Remember Me By logging into your account, you agree to our Terms of Use and Privacy Policyand to the use of cookies as described therein.


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