How to Grow and Care for your Chrysanthemum Plants


I live in a suburb of Seattle, so winter is not severe, but does get down to freezing sometimes? Some gardeners pinch back every few weeks until July to encourage heavy fall blooming. It is very helpful! Gardens Learn How to create and maintain gardens.

Care of Guldaudi/Chrysanthemum

Home Guides Garden Gardening Healthy chrysanthemums produce large, well-formed flowers. See All Related Videos. Other articles you might like: Create a mini-greenhouse over the container with poly film over a wire frame and place it in a bright spot NOT full sun until the roots form.

How to Care for Chrysanthemums

Should I cut them back? Details of market network in and around if any. See All Related Videos. Mums should be planted in early spring after all danger of freezing, however they can be planted almost any time, as long as they have time to establish their root system before the hottest weather. I recommend that you not grow your mums in the same spot for more than three consecutive years to help prevent associated disease and pest problems. Chrysanthemums should periodically be moved to a new location, but if this is not feasible, the soil should be sterilized chemically to reduce danger of disease and insect problems. It is August in Iowa. For this reason and the many different varieties of chrysanthemum you can get plants that bloom at the beginning of September and the end of October. Proper watering and plant spacing reduces the chances of most fungal problems.

We have many large and wedding table garland chrysanthemum plants but there are no buds. What about the potted mums sold at supermarkets and big box stores? Pinching results in fuller plants and more buds. Mums prefer rich, well-drained soil. There are also hardy garden mums and non-hardy florist or show mums. Iwould like grow mums button in my farm or in group of 3 like minds. October bloomers can be pinched up until mid-July, with the rule how to care for chrysanthemums thumb being not to pinch any closer than 3 months to bloom time. The planting medium should be kept at degrees, and seeds should germinate in weeks.

This year the plants are being sold as annuals. Chrysanthemums are one of the easiest plants to grow, but show-quality and non-hardy blooms require a great deal of care.

Chrysanthemums: Growing, Care, & Design Tips

Mums can be started as seeds, from cuttings and dividing, or can be purchased at a nursery in sizes from bedding plants up to gallon size and larger plants. Cut just below a leaf node and root in sterile potting soil. Some diseases that can affect mums are leaf spot, powdery mildew, and viral diseases such as mosaic or stunt.

How To Grow Chrysanthemums Fast - How To Care Chrysanthemums

Skip to main content. Chrysanthemum tea is made from different varieties of yellow and white mums that are native to China, including Chrysanthemum indicumChrysanthemum morifoliumand. Dig entire clumps and separate the plants with a sharp, clean knife or spade.


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