Plants for Free – Propagating Lavender


Go here for part two. They sell everything lavender, culinary included. Try to restrain yourself though because growing from seed will save you so much and is really very easy. They just die after a few weeks. Instructions on how to propagate lavender from cuttings.

The Secret to Pruning Lavender

I tried growing some from cuttings and they never came to anything! I truly think they propagated themselves dropping their seeds and just naturally growing… Want to propagate myself this year so I can then plant them where wanted… The hedge is GORGEOUS, did all by itself! This will drown your plant. It was just held 2 weeks ago, but plan on next year.

The Best Ways to Propagate Lavender Plants

Lavender can be successfully propagated in various ways depending on the time of year. Supplies needed for lavender plant propagation. They need light and warmth to germinate, so surface-sow the seeds on moist soil and cover them with clear plastic. I want to make wedding favors out of lavender plants. After your cuttings have been prepared and planted in the compost water them thoroughly but gently. You might like these ideas too. In summer and autumn you can take semi-ripe cuttings and winter is the time to plant ripe cuttings. The lavender garden sounds lovely…where about is it? Afterwards, they can be gently taken out, and potted up individually. They get moldy and die.

I put a lavender plant in last year and it did alright but it's not here now. Warning Some lavender cultivars are patented and therefore illegal to propagate without paying a royalty fee. We have ours planted in rocks in the west side of the house for years. Most of the nearly 30 species and cultivated varieties thrive in USDA hardiness zones 5 to 9, although common species such as Spanish lavender Lavandula stoechas grow best in warmer how to propogate lavender within zones 7 to 9. Have never pruned them, but will this year reading your info. Other reasons it might not be doing how to propogate lavender is that lavender needs full sun and plenty of drainage — does your pot have gravel in it's bottom an inch or two will do and have plenty of holes at the base for water to how to propogate lavender out? Mine were small for the first year. Also, you can trim off the dead branches to help it look healthier. Taking cuttings is basically snipping a piece of an existing plant and letting it grow its own roots. Boggy and acidic soil will cause the demise of your carefully propagated lavender seedlings.

Patience is always key when it comes to nurturing any living thing. Warm the pots to above 70 degrees Fahrenheit during the day and above 55 degrees at night. Any advice is appreciated.

How To Propagate Lavender Plants From Cuttings

You need a few leaves to feed the plant but too many forces the plant to direct energy and food to the leaves rather than to the business of putting down roots. A friend actually dug her lavender up an divided like any other perennial. Now that you know how to propagate lavender, read our comprehensive lavender plant care guide next! I am going to follow your directions.

Propagating and Growing Lavender From Cuttings

Definitely not too much water and well draining soil. Thanks for the article. Showy, sweet-smelling lavender Lavandula spp. The new baby lavender plants are ready for the garden.


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