Orchid Crown Rot


Then I noticed the leaves not looking quite right and turning yellow. I'm not quite sure what I'm orchid crown rot at when I look at the crown of the plant Orchids are susceptible to various types of rot including leaf rot, root rot and crown rot.

How to stop orchid crown rot: Orchid Crown Rot and How to Stop it

Sprinkling cinnamon from your kitchen cabinets can also be used to treat the fungus. Monopodial orchids Phalaenopsis and Vandas are most suseptible to crown rot—a fungal infection that is caused by water pooling in the center or crown of the plant. When it is time to water, I put water in a jug and slowly put the plant in the water keeping the top above the water line, then I hold the pot for a minute. One would think I'd learn my lesson and not buy another the whole batch of these was apparently infected , but I really love the flowers and decided to give it one more try.

Crown rot! Can this phal be saved?

Please pay it forward! This is a discussion on Crown rot! I think my discouragement came mostly from seeing the two other plants I got from the same batch turn to complete rotten mush. The achievement and change of an wiseessaywriting. But if there's anything left of that crown that might actually grow some new, viable leaves, I will try to save it. Register or Login now to remove this advertisement. Don't give up on it. We are in this together. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Mar 24, Rating.

Then to be sure I put my orchid on a dry towel, so that all traces of water will be absorbed by the towel. But this time I stayed on top of the situation orchid crown rot "Physaned" the blazes out of this orchid crown rot before the fungus could do too much damage. I kept it orchid crown rot and let the roots do their work. I wish I could fly to Australia and repot your orchid — especially as you are heading into summer and I am headed for winter! By uffe in forum New Growers: Take a tissue and soak up any water that has pooled in the crown. The fungus will quickly spread through the plant's main stem and be lethal if untreated. Mariet, First of all, congratulations on your long-lived orchid! Crown rot is easy to prevent. It looks as if I have purcased a phal with crown rot, will try your solution with H2O3 and cinnamon and hopefully save this plant.

The fungus will quickly spread through the plant's main stem and be lethal if untreated. October 19, at

Orchid Care : Diseases – Crown Rot

I'll keep you all posted on how the little guy makes out. The first one slumped over after some insidious fungus that had been lurking in the leaf folds in the crown turned the base of the plant to mush and killed it. It continued to grow new roots but obviously no new leaves.

Attempting to rescue an Orchid from crown rot

Crown rot is easy to prevent. As the saying goes, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. What do you all think?


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